A company is never so good or a situation so favorable that it cannot be overpriced.  In my view, that is our situation

Ok, I am breaking down to write something about Bitcoin.  It seems that everyone I talk to has a question about it.  The

            Short-termism just won’t die.  Despite obvious counter examples like Amazon, Tesla and Netflix it clings to its

         Tesla reported Q2 earnings after the bell Wednesday and shares rose 20 points following what was widely described in the press

            Back in 1977 Edward Miller wrote an article that still resonates today and provides insight into what

Sometimes shorting a stock can be difficult and expensive.  In order to sell a stock short, you must first borrow the shares.  Because

             Much of the investment thesis behind Tesla, as well as a reason for the government subsidies, is based

       Back in May I was writing on this blog that the market was unduly pessimistic regarding Apple.  While Apple faced

It is that time of year when CEO compensation is revealed and debated.  The Los Angeles Times just published its list of the

             Financial economists divide the value of a company’s equity into two components: the value of “assets in place” and the value of