Reflections on Investing

A series of short educational videos on investing featuring Cornell Capital Group Senior Advisor, Professor Bradford Cornell. We hope you find them informative and helpful. Enjoy!

#21 The Enterprise Value to Invested Capital Ratio

How does a company like Tesla create so much value compared to competitors like Ford and General Motors? Is Tesla doing more with less? We take a closer look at the relationship between a company's enterprise value and its invested capital.

#20 Trillion Dollar Tesla

Tesla has become just the sixth company to reach a market cap of one trillion, joining tech giants Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. We compare each of these companies at the 500 billion and one trillion dollar level.

#19 The Howard Marks Checklist

The market is cyclical, but what cycle are we in? To better understand where we are in the market cycle we review a checklist from Oak Tree Capital founder Howard Marks.

#18 Has Investing Changed?

Since the outbreak of Covid 19 a lot of things have changed. With many new retail traders and interest in the stock market has investing changed?

#17 Investment Performance Track Records Part II

#16 Investment Performance Track Records 

#15 Investor Demand and Stock Prices

#14 Stock Prices and The Fed

#13 FANG Stocks as Super Bonds?

 #12 The Ten Year Treasury Bond 

#11 Leverage

 #10 The Law of One Price               

 #9 Three Flavors of Inflation                

 #8 Inflation           

#7 The Tax Timing Option              

 #6  Long Run Stock Retuns: What Should You Expect    

#5  Is the Market Overvalued?

       Part II

#4  Is the Market Overvalued?

       Part I

 #3  Valuing Bitcoin?

 #2  The Key Investing Question

 #1  Why is the Market Surprised?